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Welcome to Cantiaci Craft Distillery, the home of premium quality moonshine and gin. We are a husband and wife team based in Kent with a passion for distilling. Spencer began distilling many years ago as a hobby, his first ‘still’ being a 4 litre kettle still. His enthusiasm transferred to Sherrie which led to a tour on a Harley Davidson to the southern states of America to learn more about the art of ‘Moonshining’.

After some years ‘under the radar’ we started our own legal distillery. Our main aim is to introduce the UK to Moonshine, though we do also have our own brand of Gin. There are some big players in the Moonshine market in America but hardly any who distill Moonshine here in the UK.

So why did we call it Cantiaci Craft Distillery you may well be asking. Cantiaci is a name synonymous with this part of the UK – Kent. The Cantiaci or Cantii were an Iron Age Celtic people living in Britain before the Roman conquest and gave their name to a civitas of Roman Britain. The Cantii were Belgic people from the North Sea or Baltics and were part of the third wave of Celtic settlers in Britain. They lived in the area now known as Kent, in south-east England. They capital was Durovernum Cantiacorum, now known as Canterbury. Julius Caesar was reported to have said of the Cantii people “of all these [British Tribes], by far the most civilised are they who dwell in Kent”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people associate the term ‘Moonshine’ with an illegal alcohol. During prohibition in America it was an illegal activity. However as long as you have a UK excise licence to manufacture spirits you can legally produce Moonshine in the UK.

The ABV or alcohol by volume for moonshine can vary. Typically the ABV would be between 40% and 60% but it can be higher or lower in some cases.

You may well notice that the labels on our Moonshine products mention a proof number. The term proof was actually originally used in England in the 16th century. Today the alcoholic drinks industry typically uses ABV around the world, including here in the UK. In America they adopted the term proof and stated the proof to be 2 times the ABV. Since our Moonshine is inspired by the American product we feature the term proof on the bottles but also mention the ABV on our website.

The term Moonshine came about because illegal alcohol bootleggers would produce their alcohol at night by moonlight in an attempt to be avoid detection by the authorities.

Poitín is an alcoholic drink from Ireland that is produced in the same way as Moonshine. Traditionally produced from barley or potatoes, Poitín typically had an ABV of around 45% but could be as high as 95%.